Artist Bio

Cathy is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who has always been artistic. She studied art in college until life pushed her into more practical occupation. As a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery for 42 years, she has been blessed to be a part of helping families grow. An avid crafter, photographer and seamstress she added painting 6 years ago when life slowed down a bit! As retirement looms, Cathy is looking forward to having more time to explore her art and grow as an artist.

Artist Statement

Cathy’s work shows a variety of themes and painting mediums as she explores her craft. Using watercolor and acrylics, she has a love for painting people, scenes from her travels and the world around her. She hopes to inspire an emotional connection to her subjects when others see her work. Whether a portrait, landscape or still life, Cathy hopes to draw people into a moment frozen on a canvas that has meaning or tells a story.