Artist Bio:

Originally from Jeffersonville, I moved around quite a bit (Texas, Kentucky, New Mexico, South Korea, and Illinois) before making my way back to southern Indiana in 2013. My husband and I, along with our three-legged cat, now reside in New Albany, IN. We are active in our church, enjoy taking day trips, and welcome any restaurant recommendations

Starting from my elementary school days with finger paints and pinch pots, I have always enjoyed creating. I took a variety of art classes in high school and college. Then in 2015 I participated in a mosaic workshop and was hooked. The physicality of breaking tiles and shaping glass appeals to my mechanical brain while working with color and pattern inspires my heart. I still work outside of the home full time. Subsequently, I cherish time spent in my studio and look forward to the next creation.

Artist Statement:

Experiencing brokenness is part of the human condition. From that brokenness comes something new, if we are fortunate, something beautiful. The process of constructing mosaic art offers that same potential. Assorted materials (glass, ceramic, metal, china) are cut, sanded, shaped, and combined into a new form. My designs are inspired by color and repeating motifs. They often end up in a different direction than where they started. Don’t we all.