Artist Bio

I have been interested in photography starting when my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie Super 27 when I was in grade school. In high school I bought myself a used Pentax SLR camera. This camera didn’t even have a light meter. I purchased one separately. Learning to use this camera taught me the basic principles of photography. During my college years at Indiana University I majored in geology, but I also took photography classes in the Fine Arts Department under Professor Henry Homes Smith. After graduation I spend 30 years working as a geologist and my free time was spent exploring and photographing caves and the travels involved with caving. After a career in geology, in retirement I was able to spend more time with my love of photography.

My passion has been nature photography. This includes wildlife, landscapes, waterfalls and caves. Photography requires extensive patience, yet quickness to capture the right moment. I enjoy the slower pace and concentration of finding the right view with the right light. I enjoy capturing the beauty I see all around me. Photography has given me another reason to visit beautiful places and try to capture some of this beauty.