Artist Biography

J. Wright has an avid interest in the arts, especially the visual arts. He has collected pieces of art around the world, and for the past several years has been painting and participating in shows in Southern Indiana and the Louisville area. His paintings tend to be in the impressionist and pointillist styles, styles that have influenced art around the world. He tends to like Middle Eastern art, which tends to be aligned with impressionist styles. His paintings are shown and sold paintings regionally at the HCA Gallery in Corydon; The Spot and Art on Main and the Chautauqua Art Festival Madison; the Kleinhelter Gallery, Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery and Chestnut and Pearl galleries in New Albany; the Harrison County Arts Gallery in Corydon, and the Edenside Gallery in Louisville. He his riverboat paintings have been shown by the American Queen Cruise lines. He is from Floyds Knobs, Indiana, has a Bachelors and Master of Business from the University of Evansville, a Master in Middle East Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Loughborough University, England.

Artist Statement

The paintings I buy and produce tend to be in impressionist and pointillist styles. I like those two styles, but I also feel they have influenced art around the world. However, I am also working on abstract paintings as well, and I tend to like Middle Eastern art. My paintings are shown and sold regionally at Art of Main in Madison, Bourne-Schweitzer and Kleinhelter galleries in New Albany, and at Chautauqua Art Festival in Madison. I am glad to be affiliated with Harrison County Arts and its Gallery.