Artist Bio

I was born the youngest of four children on September 22, 1992. At age three, my mom caught me drawing a horse from the hooves-up while looking at nothing outside the living room window. I was always drawing, dreaming of one day working as an animator for Disney. When I was a Senior in High School, my art class went on a field trip to see an opera on Vincent van Gogh. I was captivated by the performance, and decided right then and there to become a painter. After graduating High School, I went to IUS where I majored in painting and minored in drawing. Four years later, I graduated with my BFA in Painting in 2015. I am currently married and painting full-time.

Artist Statement

Art has come fairly natural to me since I was very little. It was something that I could always fall back on when I seemingly had no other talents. My mind has been and continues to be in a constant state of movement, and I have the desire to express that movement onto canvas. Though I feel like I have no story to tell, I find that I enjoy painting elements of a story that viewers can tell themselves. I enjoy creating vibrant narratives that help remind people that to be human is to be unapologetic. That we should all be free to cry, to hurt, and to love.