Artist Bio

I graduated from the Nine Arrow homeschool program in 2004 and joined the United States Marine Corps shortly thereafter. I completed two seven-month long deployments as a reconnaissance Marine to Iraq in the four years I served. Upon completion of my contract with the Marines, I built a log cabin home for my wife, Brianne, and one-year old son. I worked in construction until 2012 when I began the fire academy for the Louisville Fire Department. I have been assigned to the rope, swift water, and dive rescue firehouse for 11 years and have served as the scuba diving instructor for the dive team since 2015. I am currently a Sergeant assigned to the company of Truck 1. My wife, Brianne, and I have 6 children from the ages of 15-8 and are currently homeschooling them. We are Christians and our current church is ‘Shemar Valley’. This is a home-based church that meets in each other’s homes once a week. I began experimenting in making driftwood lamps in 2016 and have enjoyed the hobby. There are a number of these in our home and I have given many as gifts over the years. I am excited about the opportunity to share these pieces of Gods art with those in our community.