Joy has spent a lifetime painting. She stated, “I’m forever learning, forever. As in I can see no end to this adverb as it relates to art . . . And I love it.” She believes life and art are a lot alike: many smudges, reworks, erasures, corrections and then finally maybe, a pièce de résistance. She said that she’s still working on that. This gives her a goal. Her nature paintings have been accepted into prestigious shows such as the Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibition. She’s and equestrian who has taken a lot of nature ideas from trail riding and hiking. Sometimes the trail riding resulted in hiking. She is a commercial artist who has illustrated books and written several short stories.

Artist Statement:

“Explorations” is an overarching theme in Joy’s paintings. The subjects are mostly natural, dynamic in emotion, and free form in their own spirits. They interact with their environment in a mix of fantasy and reality. Whether it be serenity in a landscape, a sleeping cat, harnessing energy in a team of horses, or sensitivity in a pensive face; the style is dreamlike, fluid, and often terraced with color.