Artist Bio

Kimara Wilhite is a fine art photographer residing in Jeffersonville, IN. She draws inspiration for her photography from a lifelong love of nature. She is self-taught and regularly attends workshops where she learns new techniques from fellow photographers. She has also led her own workshops for landscape and nature photography. Her work displays dynamic moments frozen in time, using the appropriate shutter speed and a discerning eye. Light is featured prominently as a subject in her work which includes wild horses, waterfalls, sunrises, sunsets, and much more of nature’s beauty.

Artist Statement

I developed a love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors at an early age. That later combined with a love of photography. I am always inspired by dramatic light, and capturing fleeting moments of nature. Therefore, creating images that highlight the forces of nature and its beauty. I have a keen artist’s eye and see beauty in the everyday and also in unlikely places.