Artist Bio

Rob Roby fell in love with wood at a young age. Working at a pallet company he began to take pieces of wood home that he found beautiful. Later he began to select pieces of wood from his pile of firewood that he couldn’t bear to burn. Out of college he began to make things with the wood he had rescued. In 2005, he met a local wood turner and was hooked. Roby strives to bring out and reveal the beauty in the wood. He lets the wood tell him what is there.

Rob received a B.A in Biology from Hanover College and did his graduate work at Purdue. Rob worked at the Wolf Research Center in Battle Ground, Indiana. He returned to Southern Indiana and worked for Starlight Cabinet. He made custom cabinets in his Lanesville workshop and worked full time for Louisville Cement Company. He retired in 2014 and now works as a full-time artist.