Dates: Feb 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th 2023
10am-2pm each class
$175 per person. Must be 18+ yrs. old to participate
Register: Call 812-738-2123
Location: Harrison County Arts – Corydon
Note: Credit card payment includes 3.99% transaction fee. Limited to 10 students

Karen Terhune will be teaching how to carve stone using hand tools only. Each student will be given a piece of alabaster (approximately 10 lbs.) that they will carve into a sculpture of their own design.

Students can bring a model or drawing of what they would like to make, “indirect carving,”, but I encourage them to keep it simple. Students may also do “direct carving”, where they allow the stone to dictate the design.

Karen will provide tools for each student to use during the class but the will have to be returned at the end of each class. The goals of the class will be, choosing a stone, proper use of hand tools and polishing/texturing the stone.

Each student should have a finished sculpture by the end of the last class but this will depend on how quickly students move thru each step of the process.