Nov. 17–Jan. 6, 2024 

Susan (Sue) Chapman (b. 1927) is one of southern Indiana’s most well-known and beloved artists. This exhibit, which will run from Nov. 17 until Jan. 6, 2024, is an eclectic presentation of Chapman’s career to date, showcasing some of her earliest works — done while she was a student at Pratt Institute — to one of her most recent pieces, “A Pond At Five Rivers,” painted at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center in Delmar, NY.

Sue Chapman’s painting of Harlan Hubbard

Over 35 works in all, there are paintings to represent Chapman’s diverse interests over more than 70 years of her career. The watercolor of A. J. Foyt’s car underscores the fact that she scored auto racing for 20 years. Equine paintings give expression to her five-year career as a hot walker at Churchill Downs. Portraits of Harlan Hubbard and his wife convey her friendship with this famous American artist and writer.

Throughout her long career, Chapman has always attempted to “get it right,” as she puts it. “Right may mean color, atmosphere, or sense of motion as these shift throughout the day and seasons.” She writes: “I have attempted to convey the tension between man and medium (thoroughbred or race car), the power of the storm, the tranquility of water, or evening. . . All have been grist for my mill.”

In connection with this exhibit, Harrison County Arts is honoring Chapman with a Lifetime Membership Award.

The exhibit will be located in the upstairs gallery at 113 E. Beaver Street, Corydon, and will run concurrently with HCA’s Annual Holiday “Small Art” Exhibit, held in the downstairs galleries.

Harrison County Arts is open Wednesday through Saturday 11 wa.m. to 4 p.m.